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Medical Acupuncture

Medical Acupuncture

There are 2 distinct types of acupuncture Western and Chinese. Western is derived from the ancient Chinese teachings and focusses on anatomy, myofascial trigger points, physiology and the effects on the nervous system.

Improve your well-being by booking acupuncture in Watford, St Albans or Harpenden.

Chinese acupuncture is applied based on Qi, meridians, ying and yang + the 5 elements.

Medical Acupunture

I am now proud to offer medical acupunture in Harpenden as part of treatments, acupuncture involves the use of needles which are inserted into muscles and/or tendons which are then stimulated for therapeutic response.

Mobile acupuncture in Hertfordshire contact now to see if I cover your area.

Acupuncture to lower back

Needle size

The needles I use are approximately the size of a strand of hair 0.25mm x 0.40mm. In a lot of insertions, they are not noticeable until they are stimulated, where we are trying to achieve a ‘heavy feeling’ at point of insertion.

The type of acupuncture I practise is dry needling, they are inserted straight into the tissues without any need for oils or lubrication.

I use sterilised needles straight out of the packet, for hygiene reasons after one use the needles are disposed of carefully. Acupuncture is very safe,

‘acupuncture is one of the safest medical treatments, both conventional and complementary on offer in the UK.’ Alexander Boylan Bsc. Chinese medicine

Acupuncture to Achilles tendon

What can medical acupuncture treat?

I have successfully treated:-
• Myofascial pain (soft tissue related tightening, constriction and dysfunctionality...)
• Trigger points (areas of muscles with referred pain patterns can be responsible for headaches, pain reduced movement...)
• Anxiety
• Sciatica and more

I have also treatment protocols for:-

• Arthritic pain
• Head aches and 3 types of migraines
• Costocondritis
• IBS pain (Irritable bowel syndrome)
• Thoracic outlet syndrome
• Trigeminal neuralgia
• Femoral nerve pain
• Disc herniation lumbar and cervical

Treatment and locations

Treatment location is Harpenden (AL5) or Watford (WD25 Garston) generally, I have 2 treatment rooms available I can work mobile but there will be an extra cost to take into account the travel, setting up and down of equipment etc. There needs to be an appropriate safe and location to work from.

Mobile areas may include: • Shenley • Borehamwood • Elstree • Radlett • Watford • London Colney • Luton • Jersey farm • Marshalswick • Patchetts green • St.Albans • Colney heath • and other surrounding areas in Herts / Hertfordshire

  • 30mins Acupuncture


    Per session
  • ~ Good for acute injuries and localized areas of tension ~ (can include sports therapy / massage also)
  • • increase blood flow
  • • treat certain conditions
  • • improve mobility
  • • de-sensitive areas of tension
  • • treat postural imbalances
  • 60mins Acupuncture


    Per session
  • ~ Suitable for more complicated conditions/injuries such as back pain, sciatica, herniated discs etc (can include sports therapy / massage also)
  • • increase blood flow
  • • treat certain conditions
  • • improve mobility
  • • de-sensitive areas of tension
  • • treat postural imbalances
  • 90mins Acupuncture


    Per session
  • ~suitable for severe cases requiring a longer treatement (can include sports therapy / massage also)
  • • increase blood flow
  • • treat certain conditions
  • • improve mobility
  • • de-sensitive areas of tension
  • • treat postural imbalances

Since writing this initial page I have completed another workshop (Medical Acupuncture level 2) with the amazing Alexander Boylan once again. I am now able to offer medical acupuncture in Harpenden, St. Albans and Watford ~ providing extensive treatments for :- Sciatica, Herniated discs, relieve stress and tension (general protocol) and more.

This additional methodology of practise looks more at the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) systems of acupuncture. with TCM, they believe that the whole body is mapped out and linked to other areas, so by treating an area which is linked (not directly the problem area) you can have a positive effect on that part of the body

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