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Pre / Post natal (ante / post natal)

pre / post natal exercise in Harpenden

Below are a collection of pre / post natal resources I have from my time training on the course with Lifetime health and fitness.  Mike is qualified in pre / post natal and is available to assist in exercise and nutrition.  Pre / post natal exercise in Harpenden, also available in St. Albans, Watford and local areas in Hertfordshire.

If we are not working directly together, please use these as reference only and follow any advice from your mid wife or GP.  Also report any adverse reactions / complications at your earliest convenience.

Bear in mind the ‘recommendations’ for pre / post natal exercise changes regularly, so any resources you choose to follow should be run through your GP / midwife first also.

It is not recommended to start exercising whilst pregnant, if you have been previously inactive prior to it.

I’ll be more than happy to give you some advice if you drop me a line here.

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pre / post natal exercise in Harpenden

Psychological Implications



APN understanding the pregnancy period

APN structural changes during pregnancy

APN physiological changes during pregancy

APN pelvic floor core training

ACOG and ex prescription