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Sports massage, deep tissue and remedial massage & acupuncture, in Harpenden, St. Albans, Watford Hertfordshire

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Sports Massage

Sports Massage in Harpenden, St.Albans and Watford

What is sports massage?

Sports Massage consists of a variety of ‘hands-on’ and ‘manual’ compression and stretching techniques to manipulate the soft tissues within the body (this will often include, muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia).  Using these techniques sports massage is used to help warm up before an event using fast, shallow strokes to stimulate blood flow – this is known as “Pre-event” sports massage.

A competitive athlete may have some sports and remedial massage during a break of a match / game (in between rounds for a boxer and half time for footballers), the form of massage is called “intra-event” and would vary depending on the needs to the athlete and sport.  The idea would be to help remove lactic acid from the muscles and keep blood flow, whilst trying to keep the muscles and joints supple/mobile until the end.

A “Post-event” massage is the one that most people are familiar with, after exercise or sport (sometimes just work or posture) the body can tighten and seize up causing pain and dysfunction.  The techniques used here would vary massively from “Pre-event” massage as they would be much more deep, and the dea would be to accelerate the healing process and loosen up tight structures, often this would cross over into “Remedial” and “Deep Tissue” massage

Here I have been working with GB and European Amateur boxing champion Jordan Reynolds – the techniques used incorporate in sports massage and soft tissue therapy including acupuncture and cupping.

What is Sports Therapy?

Sports Therapy is generally seen as being more broadend with, (in cases) a larger skill set.  As a sports therapist I have worked on the pitch side for St.Albans RFC offering

  • strapping and taping – to protect joints and limbs during the game
  • injury assessment and management – before, during and after
  • kinesiology taping – an elastic tape with adhesive to provide support and stability to an area without restricting movement

Further skills of a sports therapist should include:-

  • nutrition – certain foods can accelerate healing, recovery, improve sleep, mood and energy levels
  • advanced stretching and “friction” techniques – will help accelerate recovery and well being when needed
  • Neuromuscular, Positional Release and Muscle Energy Techniques – advanced techniques for treating pathological tissues and lengthening muscles
  • Electrotherapy, Cryotherapy and Thermal Therapy – Safe use of therapeutic ultra-sound, ice massage and treatment + heat therapy (generally using infrared heat)
  • Remedial Exercise Techniques – The right exercise is often pivotal from recovering from any injury
  • Fitness Testing Techniques –  Managing and monitoring fitness and rehabilitation is key as every one responds differently and at different speeds to exercise, therapy and massage
  • Sports Psychology – Being able to understand the needs of the game, and the physical and mental stress I can treat more effectively with empathy and with conviction, this can be the difference between winning and… not winning

Sport massage can be used to treat poor posture in conjunction with appropriate exercise, massage can help with blood flow, circulation, insomnia and a number of conditions

Sports massage - Harpenden Mike Minerve

Sports Massage is a variety of ‘Hands on’ Therapeutic massage techniques applied to the client for a number of reasons, such as improve recovery, improve performance  or posture, as part of a warm up /  cool down of sports/exercise, appointments are available in Harpenden, St. Albans and surrounding areas. Sports Massage St Albans is available on a mobile basis either at your place of home or you can attend the treatment room out of Harpenden swimming pool, other local areas serviced are London Colney, Radlett, Elstree, Borehamwood, Kings Langley, abbots Langley and Hemel Hempstead.

Who can benefit from sports massage?

Sports Massage Watford

Anyone can benefit from a remedial massage! You do not need to be an athlete or exercise loads to have a sports masseur… Actually some of the best results I have had are from general every day people, office workers are prone to tightness and pains associated with bad posture. So some more advanced sports massage known as sports therapy is very effective. Sports Massage Harpenden is available out of the treatment room in Harpenden.

Pre event sports massage

Sports Massage | Harpenden

Before a sporting event or exercise, a pre event sports massage may be suitable, pre event sports therapy involves fast shallow massage techniques with the aim of ‘warming’ up the muscles and area being worked on by attracting blood to the area.  It also stimulates the body and mentally prepares you for what coming, book in for a sports massage in Watford now.

Post event sports massage

Massage in Harpenden

This would generally be done after a sporting event or exercise session and involves much deeper massage techniques with the intention of removing the lactic acid that may have accumulated during the activity.  Also trying to reduce tension in any affected muscles by including some advanced stretching techniques.  This would be the most common form of sports massage.

Inter event sports massage

Sports massage Harpendwn

This would be a massage maybe done at half time during a football match, the aim here is to keep the athlete or exerciser going and keep any lactic acid build up at bay and prolong the users ability to train injury free and as performing as highly as they can.

sports massage Harpenden.

Session prices at Harpenden sports center are :-

£50 for 60 minutes : inclusive of consultation and screening.

£30 for 30 minutes: inclusive of consultation and screening.

Prices will vary for mobile / home / clinic appointments please contact me for a quote.

Now offering medical acupuncture as part of treatment, available in all locations – another reason to book a sports massage in Watford.